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I just want to share something that I witnessed while attending the Niverville fair. Yesterday, there was a paraplegic patron at the fair wanting to ride on the Spin Out ride. Your Wonder Show employees operating the ride helped out this patron by literally picking him out of his wheel chair to place him in the ride then placing him again back in his wheelchair once the ride was done! This act of compassion was so touching to witness! Not everyone would go out their way like that. Awesome job!

Monica Piasta-plischke

Great venue...Great Crowd...Great time...doesn't get much better... Thanks for everything!!

Charlie Major

I'm honored that you asked us and honored that people enjoyed the show!   We love doing what we do especially for an awesome festival, and a warm loving Manitoban crowd!

Jerry Sereda

We had a blast playing the Niverville Fair!

Thanks to all the people/fair committee that make this fair happen, and for taking care of us and our crew all day! And also to all of our fans and all the people who came out to support this great event and country music.

We can't wait to come back and play it again!

Emerson Drive

Hello Niverville Fair staff,

My husband and I came to the fair on Friday to see all the wonderful looking cars in the show and shine.We agreed that this year there were more cars than before.We then took in the evening entertainment and the food. IT WAS ALL AMAZING.The fireworks at the end of the night were ABSOLUTLY SPECTACULAR. Then on Saturday,we had our girls along with us.We arrived at the fair around noon and started to enjoy the sights and sound right away.Our 13 year old was very very excited because her main reason for being there was to see her favorite group EMERSON DRIVE.As we were walking around she noticed the bus and the excitement started.We also enjoyed all the other entertainment from Mike Blair and Rafter B,to Matt Falk to the Motocross.Finally it was time for the big
event.The one our daughter was waiting for.EMERSON DRIVE hit the stage and so did the tears.We were right in the front and BRAD MATES and the rest of the group acknowleged our daughter.After the show she had an oppertunity to hang out with the band for about 30 minutes.What a thrilling time for her.
We also want to thank Elaine for taking time out of her busy schedual to talk with us and get an update on our oldest daughter.

Marv and Annette Hiebert (Shianne and Jynessah)

"My name is Kat Devuono and I was recently married on June 12th, 2010 in Niverville to my Husband Kenny. We found out that you were going to be hosting your annual fair the weekend of our wedding only two weeks before the big day. I must admit I was disappointed at first. I gave my photographer a call and she shed some light on the situation. Her response was "I have always wanted to shoot at a fair!" Not the response I was expecting at all! I must tell you though that both my husband and I agree it was one of the BEST moments of our wedding day. Your committee was so accommodating, friendly, and sweet! We had a blast! With very thankful hearts,"
Kat & Kenny Skadal

"WHAT AN AMAZING FAIR!  I say that every year, of course, because it just keeps on getting better and better and ... Not even the rain could keep people away. We attended Friday and Saturday and had a blast! We were there from 5:30 on, Friday after work. Then, Saturday we arrived around 3 p.m. Had the BBQ, watched all kinds of great stuff, and totally enjoyed the stage shows - especially the Road Hammers. They were fantastic! And the fireworks - what a great idea - right after the show.  Awesome, as usual. Every year we enjoy the fair more and more. Again, thanks to all who are involved - the work you put into it really shows.  I don't think there's another fair like it - anywhere!"
M & B Fedak

"THANK YOU Niverville, Manitoba...what a great crowd, awesome crew, lot's of fun....we had a fantastic time, thank you for the party!"
Jason McCoy, The Road Hammers

"You've got a great Fair......hold onto it!"
George Canyon

" ... it was a great day for us too. It is always nice to work with good people and your event is so well run. Yours is one of the few events that runs on time and it is appreciated. I actually came back Saturday night with my family so we could take in a little of the fair ourselves, lots of fun."
Wes SheppardSt. Andrews Pipe Band

"I just wanted to commend you and your team of volunteers for a wonderful weekend at the fair. My experience as a volunteeer was greatly enjoyed. I look forward to finding the time to help again next year. As you begin planning for next year you can notify me and I'll do what I can to help. Please express my apreciation to your entire team at Niverville Old Tyme Country Fair " Thank you.
Clare Braun

"On behalf of the Niverville Town Council and all the residents, please acccept our sincere thanks and congratulations for another successful year. Although the final tallies have not yet been brought forward, we believe it to be successful from the positive comments heard and the numerous smiling faces evidenced.The fair has become a significant identifier for our town and I believe we all share the same goal of its continued success.

Recognizing the amount of work that it takes to put on an event of this size and calibre, we would offer an opportunity for you to suggest ways in which the town could better assist, or commentary on assisstance received that you would like to see continued......

Once again, thank you for your long days of hard work, dealing with tall orders and short tempers. Your passion, energy and diligence is an inspiration and definitely appreciated."

Mayor Greg Fehr, on behalf of Niverville Town Council
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