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Hunter Brothers

9:30 PM

Real-life brothers, J.J., Dusty, Luke, Brock and Ty, are no strangers to hard work, perseverance and discipline. Life on a family farm wasn’t always easy, but the brothers attribute much of their success to their rural upbringing in a home dedicated to faith, music and sport. With over 76 million video & audio streams to date, Hunter Brothers have amassed a large volume of industry credibility in a record amount of time, including multiple CCMA Award nominations, JUNO Award nominations and SCMA Award wins. Hunter Brothers' third studio album, ‘Been A Minute,’ is a compilation of their signature harmonies and up-tempo hits which delve into the heart of the times the world is presently walking through. Their sophomore album, ‘State of Mind,’ was released in 2019 and remained the #1 selling country album for four consecutive weeks following its release. “Lost” (their first #1 single at country radio), “Those Were the Nights” (from their debut album ‘Getaway’) and their Top 10 smash hit “Born and Raised” have all been certified Gold in Canada. In 2020, Hunter Brothers were the #3 most-played Group or Duo on country radio in Canada. Known for their energetic and entertaining live shows, the group has played major country festivals in Canada and the U.S., and toured with country icon Paul Brandt. In their latest EP, 'Burning Down the Barn,' the Hunter Brothers showcase high-octane, dance-ready anthems, including the title track "Burning Down The Barn" and the Top 40 radio single “What Colour You Drive.” Demonstrating their versatility as vocalists and performers, they continue to evolve and elevate their sound. The year 2023 marked significant achievements for the brothers, who celebrated their first headlining national tour with multiple sold-out dates and a Platinum certification for their very first #1 hit, “Lost,” from their JUNO-nominated album, 'State of Mind.'

off axis.jpg

Off Axis Stunt Show

6:00 PM  |  8:15 PM

3:45 PM  |  5:3PM  |  7:30 PM  |  9:15 PM

The Off Axis Stunt Show is a non stop high energy performance combining the talents of extreme sports and acrobatics, and is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. This group of extreme athletes comes from all around the world and includes multiple world champions, as well as America's Got Talent Finalists and are widely regarded as some of the best in the world at their sport. The performers combine their unique disciplines together with 3 death defying apparatus' BMX ramps, Trampwall, and Teeterboard and will be flipping as high as 30 feet in the air. This new show is a favorite for all ages and will absolutely inspire the youth to stay active.


Jake Vaadeland &
the Sturgeon River Boys

8:00 PM

Jake Vaadeland is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada. His traditional sound and unique style could be defined as a blend of Bluegrass and 50’s Rockabilly, with Jake also specializing on guitar and banjo in addition to his impressive vocals. Jake strives to write and play with a focus on storytelling and messages that he hopes his audience can relate to, all packaged in foot stomping, high energy performances with The Sturgeon River Boys. In 2023, he performed at JunoFest, CCMA Week, travelled to Nashville to showcase at AmericanaFest, and opened for artists like Dean Brody and Charley Crockett. He recently earned a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for ‘Roots Artist of the Year’ and won a Saskatchewan Country Music Award for ‘Alternative Country Album of the Year’. 2022 also proved to be a remarkable for Jake Vaadeland, as he received 2x Saskatchewan Music Awards including Album of the Year for ‘Everybody But Me’, along with the Folk/Roots Artist of the Year. In addition, he earned 4x Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, including Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Alternative Country Album of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year. His album, Retro Man also finished at #2 in fan voting for the Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2021.


Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers

2:45 PM

Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers are three siblings from Winnipeg, Manitoba who share a passion for dance. They perform traditional dances of the Red River Jig mixed with modern dancing known as the hip hop jig. Through their gift of dance they have had great opportunities to travel the world and they hold numerous achievements and awards. Their main focus is to attract youth through the rhythm and style of the hip hop jig. They hope to motivate and inspire people of all ages, and bring awareness that their culture is going strong and continues to be ambitious with this dance and music.  Formally known as the Slick and Lil J Show, back in 2012 they lost one of their biggest fans and proud supporter, Grandpa Ivan Flett passed away, it was with great sadness but an honour to rename themselves the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. Every dance they do is in honour of him.


Catie St.Germain

6:45 PM

Catie St.Germain is a Metis Country Singer from Niverville, MB, Canada. She is the granddaughter of Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame royalty, Ray St. Germain. She owns a powerful and versatile voice that, combined with her authentic songwriting, blew up the Manitoba Country Music scene in 2023. ​ Catie released her first original song independently in 2023 and her amazing fans reacted! She gained an incredible 25,000 streams in months and was nominated for an unprecedented SIX MCMA Awards including the MCMA Emerging Artist, Fans Choice, Single of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Indigenous Artist of the Year, and Interactive Artist of the Year. ​ Catie's talent and notoriety got the attention of "Petric" leader, Jason Petric who, together with Chris Burke Gaffney, renowned artist developer, signed Catie to their new Atomic Ranch/Warner Canada record label. The team is currently writing and demoing new songs and well on their way to releasing a 2024 album.


Extreme Motocross

7:15 PM  |  9:15 PM

2:00 PM  |  4:3PM  |  6:30 PM  |  9:00 PM

Forget your average sporting event! These aren't your typical athletes. Witness the impossible as riders defy gravity, launching 250-pound bikes 75 feet in the air, backflips and all – or hanging on with one hand like it's nothing! This crowd favourite isn't just about mind-blowing stunts, though. This crew brings the fun factor, with infectious personalities that keep crowds on the edge of their seats. They love interacting with the audience, turning every show into an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be dazzled by their vibrant energy and showmanship. Plus, catch these daredevils after the show for autographs and photos – a chance to meet the masters of motocross mayhem!

Taylor's Story.jpg

Taylor's Story

9:30 PM

With a passion for storytelling and a voice that echoes the emotion and authenticity of Taylor Swift’s music, Taylor’s Story delivers a performance that goes beyond mere mimicry. Step into the enchanting realm of “Taylor’s Story” with Shannon as your guide, and let the music, the resemblance, and the sheer talent of this extraordinary tribute artist leave you spellbound. With dedication to the craft and attention to detail, you will experience the magic of a Taylor Swift concert, complete with the energy, charisma, and flair that has made her a global phenomenon. Shannon’s background in country music as a recording artist and seasoned entertainer serves as the perfect foundation for her electrifying stage presence, ensuring that each performance of “Taylor’s Story” is a theatrical spectacle that transports you into the heart of Taylor Swift’s world. Shannon is not just a performer; she’s a storyteller, weaving Taylor Swift’s narrative through her own captivating interpretation, creating an unforgettable experience for all who embark on this musical journey with her. Whether it’s the infectious pop beats of “Shake It Off” or the soul-stirring ballads like “Love Story,” Shannon flawlessly captures the spirit of Taylor, making every note and lyric resonate with fans old and new.

double vision.jpg

Double Vision Twin Magic

6:30 PM

4:45 PM

For over 30 years, Double Vision has entertained and amazed audiences across North America. Based out of Saskatoon, Double Vision has performed for the Prime Minister at his official residence in Ottawa, the Magic Castle in the heart of Hollywood, and at events from Vancouver and Montreal to Arizona and South Carolina. the audience and having them participate during every show. Their comedy is so clean they can eat off of it... and they do. The duos improvisational skills add an "anything can happen" element and the magic in the show features their unique twin twist. Mitchell and Michael take full advantage of the identical twin aspect and because of this you'll see many routines in their shows that are unique to them. Having worked together since birth, they share a very quick wit and are great at engaging Along with their scheduled stage shows, Double Vision will also be strolling the fairgrounds and performing live magic on the street with smaller grouos. When you experience magic happening in your own hands, you'll know why Mitchell and Michael have won awards fir their sleight of hand magic.

Diamond Disc.jpg

Diamond Disc Dog Show

5:30 PM  |  7:3PM

1:30 PM  |  4:45 PM  |  6:45 PM

Diamond Disc Dogs, headed by Steve Diamond, is a team of highly trained dogs and is regarded as the best trick dog show in Manitoba. They perform flying disc stunts, circus tricks and other exciting demonstrations for audiences all across Canada. The dogs truly love working together and performing. The show is a fun-filled trick stunt show showcasing their unique abilities, agility and nature to please. After the show everyone is welcome to meet the team take photos.

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